Beat the drum with Scrum!!

On a lighter note !

Why Scrum?

Don’t get scared ! We will talk about all this :)

Scrum Framework

Scrum Framework is divided into three components -roles , events and artifacts.

1. Roles in Scrum

Scrum Framework has defined three key roles — Product Owner, Scrum Master and Development Team , collectively called Scrum Team .

  • Product Owner- Also called PO , they are business representative in the team and responsible for defining the work and prioritisation . They act as bridge between stakeholders and team.
  • Scrum Master -Person responsible for ensuring the team is following scrum framework and to ensure blockers for the team are identified and removed.
  • Development Team -Cross functional group of people collectively committed to get the work done . Usually group of five- nine people .

2. Scrum Events

There are five scrum events to keep it moving forward .

  • Sprint Sprint is a time bound activity from one to four weeks, scrum team uses sprint as a development window. Every project consists of series of sprints.
  • Sprint Planning At the beginning of each sprint, PO shares highest priority items , then development team selects the items they believe they can complete within sprint.
  • Daily Scrum Once sprint begins , there is an event everyday that all team members attend . They share what they have finished yesterday ,their plan for today and share any issues that are blocking their progress.
  • Sprint Review Sprint review happens at the end of sprint, where team demonstrates everything they have completed and get feedback from the PO and stakeholders.
  • Sprint RetrospectiveAt the end of every sprint , time is set aside to examine what went well and what needs to be improved in next sprint.

3. Scrum Artifacts

Scrum team uses artifacts in partnerships with meetings to keep work moving and share openly everything they are working on.There are three types of artifacts that get created during this process.

  • Product Backlog An ordered and prioritised list of all the work that could be done for the product. As the work progresses , items in the backlog will be added ,removed ,reordered and evolve on a continuous basis.It is managed by PO .
  • Sprint BacklogSubset of product backlog , as the team completes sprint planning , they will have sprint backlog as list of the work items they have committed to complete in the given sprint.
  • Increment It is created in each sprint and consists of work completed in the sprint plus all the work completed in previous sprints.



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